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The Complete Package


*Calia Care Package*

This complete package contains break-through protection that transforms all types of stone into stain-resistant surfaces. Our Calia Care sealant outlasts and outperforms all traditional penetrating sealants. This innovative dual-layer protection creates a barrier to protect the stone at two levels. The first part of this stone protection penetrates deep into the surface. This application usually takes anywhere between 4-5 hours. This protects the stone from the inside out, by saturating and filling up the minuscule voids inside the stone and not allowing impurities to enter. The second part of our protection aligns to protect the stone surface. The Calia Care Sealant creates superior stain resistance and durability and eliminates the need for annual re-applications. Upon installation, we will come in and give your stone the final Calia Care Sealant treatment that it deserves.

Calia Care Package Warranty:

What to expect:

*does not stop or prevent etching

*stain resistant


* maintain daily cleaning of counter tops/surfaces using our stone and glass cleaners

*3-year warranty on marble, quartzite and quartz

*up to 15-year warranty for granite

To learn more about this product and how it will work on your stone surfaces, please contact us at

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