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*G O R G E O U S S T O N E A L E R T*

Let’s talk Calacatta Lincoln Marble-

Calacatta Lincoln is a white marble accented with light gray undertones and thin veining. This marble is of high quality and is quarried in the USA! The Yule Marble Quarry is in the Rocky Mountains located in Marble, Colorado- yes, you read that correctly: Marble, Colorado!

There is so much history to the Calacatta Lincoln marble. This specific quarry has produced the marble that you see on many historic pieces in the Us. These well-known works include the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, George Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. The quarry has had a few different owners in the past, but it is now under the operations of an Italian company: Red Graniti.

Calia Stone Boutique Showroom location-

We currently have Calacatta Lincoln installed in our showroom in our coffee bar area. Come check out this beautiful stone in person or visit our live inventory (click here)! You can also view the full size slab in person at our Elk Grove Village warehouse location.

Kitchen and Bath Inspiration-

This gorgeous stone would be beautiful in any area of your home- as an island, accent wall, waterfall, fireplace, countertop, backsplash, etc. The possibilities are E N D L E S S!! Please follow us on Pinterest for more gorgeous inspirational pins for your home!

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