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Stone Knowledge 101

Realistic Expectations: Stone Knowledge 101

When starting a new project or remodeling any space of your home it is important to know what stone would be best in a given setting. There tends to be misconceptions about different stones as well as the maintenance. Here is a quick guide to refer to when designing your new project:

MARBLE: This is one of the most beautiful stones that our Earth creates. It is a representation of luxury and classic natural beauty. Marble comes in many unique colors and variations. Realistic expectation: marble won’t stay flawless in a kitchen. However, the sealers we use are incredible; they protect against staining and do not have to be applied yearly.

QUARTZITE: This is the perfect stone for kitchens. It is a very strong and dense material, so it can take a beating. Red wine-no problem. If you are afraid of marble, but want natural stone, quartzite is for you. The look is flawless.

GRANITE: Everything comes back in style. There are beautiful unique granites we can source. You can get great price points on granites as well. The stone is not as tough as quartzite, but not soft like marble.

DOLOMITE: This is going to be a mixture between quartzite and marble. Dolomites have calcium in the stone, creating the potential for etching. They can be a great option for kitchens but are not as durable as some of our other stones.

SOAPSTONE: This stone will not etch, but it will scratch. There is beautiful blue, grey and soft green tones in this stone. It makes a great bar top option because you will not have to worry about staining and etching.

ONYX: Look, don’t touch! This is the ultimate stones to just gaze and admire its beauty. This stone can chip and break easily. We do not recommend onyx for kitchens, unless it is for an accent backsplash. A beautiful option for wall applications-especially luminous with backlighting.

PORCELAIN: Wait, it’s not real? This man-made stone gets better every year. We call this the ‘apple’ of stone. It is great for kitchens-practically indestructible. Mitering can be a fabrication challenge. While this material continues to improve, it is not as timeless as our natural stone options.

QUARTZ: Definitely has a home! If you don’t want to worry about maintenance, quartz may be your option. Since it is a man-made material and not natural quartzite, it is extremely difficult to fix-sometimes impossible. Also, quartz is sensitive to heat.

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