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Afraid of Marble in Kitchens? Still Obsessed with it's beauty- What about a Backsplash?

Marble, of course we are O B S S E S E D... I mean it is what we do. We live for this stone ( A couple other beautiful ones too) We also 100% completely understand that marble can take an etch or two :) Red wine can sometimes not always be a best friend. We always love to be realistic about marble kitchens to our clientele. It is important to have reality to this natural beauty for all the flaws and still appreciate, understand and love your countertops all the same. Can you tell we have a relationship with our marbles????

For all of our readers, who say what the heck it's beautiful put it in my kitchen! Island, waterfall, perimeter, full height backsplash- let's get a glass of wine together and celebrate we will bring the coasters ;)

For all the other M A R B L E L O V E R S in the world....who know yourselves and are realistic about being annoyed by those etches and a stain or two... Guess what- we get it! We still appreciate you seeing the beauty marbles have. What about this loop hole? Can we find marble a new home in a kitchen? Better spot? Lower maintenance? Won't give you nightmares. We are all about finding solutions! Our ultimate goal is to have you go home and fall in love with your stone everyday <3

Let's talk F U L L height marble backsplash with a hint of maintenance free countertops.SOOOO you don't have to worry about that glass of red wine, that lemon juice etch, olive oil spill, and whatever else it could be! Usually when it comes to walls over a countertop these can be avoided on everyday use in your kitchen. Less of a worry. You don't find yourself often cleaning red wine of a wall, or we might of had too many. OPPS. ( happens to the best of us. also a secret stains can be fixed. It's those etches that are a b***h) Also harder to see a glare of an etch going vertical. Sooooooo with that being said..

F E E D B A C K!

Let us know what you think? Would you mix and match marble backsplash with maintenance free countertop? Still bring in that natural element to the kitchen? If so- give us a call. Leave us a note. Maybe a comment? Thanks for reading!!


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