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Reasons why to hire a designer?

We interviewed an industry partner, the consumer, and a designer to get there insight why is a designer a good idea?

Reaching out to a few homeowners that have come in this week,

Why did they find a designer for there project?

"We needed someone to help us understand how to use a prexisting space"

- Lindsey, The Foody Flirt

"I need help seeing the full picture, sure I can pick a lamp I like but I don't know how and where to put it." - Nancy, Hinsdale Remodel

"We needed someone to help us understand how to use a preexisting space" life in, I know I can't do it on my own. I'd rather enjoy the process versus stressing about "am I making the best decision?" - Derik, Gold Coast design build

"We needed someone to help us understand how to use a preexisting space"

Industry Partners; Why they recommend working with a designer?

It's simple, a designer can take a space and go outside the box, make it a home, inviting, how it's supposed to be when you actually fall in love with your home every time you walk in the door. Leaving your space to be desired. Being able to create a perfect room from someone saying they might like this or that is simply fascinating to me. I know I love the most unique stones but being able to put a whole home around the best material for a fireplace, island, staircase, is where the true talent is!"

- Kristin Schloemer, Calia Stone Boutique

When asking an actual Designer why would a homeowner hire a designer??

" Couples don’t always see eye to eye, particularly when it comes to their shared personal spaces. I often hear couples say they feel the scales are tipped, with one person always getting more of a say. Hiring a designer is a great way to help mend the gap between differing opinions and introduce fresh ideas that maybe have yet to be considered. Plus, it can add weight to help break a tie when people aren’t exactly on the same page."

- Daniela Guini, Daniela Guini Interior Design

"In any field it is important to see the value in hiring an expert. There is a reason someone might hire a financial advisor to oversee their spending and overhaul their habits. In the same way, it also becomes crucial to hire a designer - to assist in utilizing a space in the best way possible and to curate a space to be the best it can be. Why let your investment stop with the purchase of your home itself? You should continue to reflect that level of value and care throughout the space once you step inside." - Gil Melott, Studio 6F

"As a designer, it is so important to truly understand your clients. To understand who they are, from their lifestyle habits to the intricacies of their personalities. With that, a designer is not just able to create beautiful spaces - but spaces that truly reflect the people and families that inhabit them." - Gil Melott, Studio 6F

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