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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Dear Readers,

Let's get real and chat about the imperfect beauty,marble. We are marble's biggest cheerleaders in a man-made world of material. We wanted to give a little bit more insight when it comes to bringing in marble to your kitchens and baths. It is not as scary as HGTV made it out to be...and we wanted to share why. Our main goal is to just simply be honest with you when thinking about using a project using marble.

“We believe marble is the most genuine and naturally beautiful stone. A stone with its stunning perfections has a few imperfections, this is what makes it beautiful”

The Facts

1. Every single slab is unique, not one is exactly similar to another.

2. Yes, it is a porous material. Yes, it is going to etch. Yes, it is going to scratch. Yes, you will only see this in 12:00 in the afternoon...

3. It is not as devastating as you think.

4. It can 98% of the time be fixed.

5. Sealers are not what they were in 2001.

6. It is a luxury material. It needs a little TLC.

7. It comes from the earth, mother nature painted it. Not an oven ( Cough Cough, Quartz)

8. Marble can be cut into some of the most unique pieces.

9. If you are afraid to put it in your kitchen bath counters, get creative! Find a new home for it! Anything is possible with a little creativity.

10. Marble is a piece of artwork from the earth. This artwork can be translated as a one of a kind piece in your home. Make your kitchen or bath into a work of luxurious art. Something so beautiful made need extra attention and if you get an etch or two, just think of it as a memory or two.

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