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2019 Interior Trends: Kitchen & Bath

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

It is that time of the year! Time for a new year, new trends and new projects! We are sooo excited to see what 2019 has in store. As stone lovers, we are particularly excited to be apart of kitchen and bath projects that include the new 2019 trends.

Grey, white, simple, minimal, pretty much straight out of a magazine. This is what we have been seeing in kitchen and baths the past couple of years.... I mean, don't get us wrong the kitchens and bath the past couple of years sticking to this theme of white and grey are STUNNING. We are excited to see how designers are going to change it up this year with the following trends. Our personal favorite is the come back of NATURAL Stone, look out QUARTZ.

2 0 1 9 T R E N D S

Lets go AU NATURAL. The comeback of natural stone is here and better then ever. Designers and real estate agents are saying no to quartz and hello to QUARTZITE. Natural stone is not only beautiful and authentic but it is an investment to the home, from beautiful features to lasting stability.

  • Hurray for color!!! Let's ditch the white / grey and play with the deep greens / blues.

  • Technology- from voice control to illuminating iceberg islands!

  • Changing up appliances! Ditch the silver, try a matte black faucet or a bold stove color.

Matte Black Faucet

Navy Stove

  • Candy POP Colors! Blush pink is the color of the moment and it offers a light-hearted contrast to the usual neutrals.

Rose Quartzite

  • Stellar Sinks coming through! Bigger than ever are sinks in bright metallics, hammered finishes, intricate details and gold!

  • Gold is shining out over silver and bigger than ever!

  • Paint? Paint what? Take a blank canvas and add some extra details. It is all about dynamic wall coverings from powder rooms to living rooms!

  • FULL Exposure - lets show off the water pipes and in doing so, creating a sleek design and chic design. P.S this design is a multi functioning as well.. with it first job as a pipe and secondly as a towel holder. GENIUS

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